Become What You Want to See…

“I Love The Lady I’ve Become! Took me going thru A LOT BUT MAN!!! I FEEL GREAT NOW…”


I absolutely love these pictures of Fantasia and more so what she has to say about herself now.

Ladies, I believe with all my heart that this is the key to LIFE and ALL that it entails for you. Become the woman you want to see both inside and out…EVERYTHING else will fall into place. It matters not your age, social status, income level, etc. God cares nothing about that. He is looking for willing vessels who are ready to put in the work.

Since last year this time a lady had been telling me “work on you.” I’m an intelligent girl but it took me a while to get IT. There are just some things your cognitive self can’t comprehend. But when I finally got IT, it was full speed ahead.

Sure I still have my moments, nothing or no one will ever be perfect, but I am thoroughly convinced that God has saved me for such a time as this and the labor was never in vain. That revelation was right on time.

What I Know For Sure~The “struggle” is real but we are more than conquerors through #FAITH



I’ve learned that one of my life’s greatest pleasures is to be grateful.

For such a simple attribute, it opens up the door to so much more.

Studies have shown that those who display a constant attitude of gratitude (through speech, journals, etc.)

1~Reach More Goals…

2~Improved Health…

3~Better Sleep which leads to More Energy…

4~Stronger Love Life…

5~Supports Others…

6~Increase Likability

I have made it my daily goal to remain grateful in all things, even for those things that aren’t so pleasing at the time.

Flannel Pajamas…

Flannel Pajamas...

Since the holiday season is approaching, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite things over the next few weeks.



Because they are so cozy, warm, and help me sleep like a newborn baby. I’m very selective (aka picky) when purchasing my PJ’s.

They must have a certain feel.

All flannel IS NOT created equal!!!

I’m not really sold on a particular brand but Target, JC Penny, and Macy’s are my top stores to purchase them. And in recent years, I’ve found some great bargains online as well.



I was going to write a somewhat lengthy and deep post on not quitting but I think the above message says it all.

If you are reading this, allow me to encourage you to be a cheerleader in someone’s life (or even your own if necessary). When they feel like throwing in the towel, simply remind them of why they started in the first place.

I can remember thinking about all of the things I’ve quit on throughout my life.

One being, trying out to become a Mighty Marching Hornet. I was a part of the marching band in high school and had hopes of continuing during college, and maybe even having some sort of career in music. I’m an avid music lover still. But I quit tryouts after about two weeks because it was much harder than I anticipated.

I’m not sure if I had anyone there to encourage me to tough if out but I sure wished I did. Who knows where music would have taken me.

I don’t share this to sound regretful but to simply say~DON’T QUIT!!!.


Many of my social media posts are results of things that I’m seeking God for answers to. For the last few months I’ve been getting a crash course in LOVE…what it means, how it looks as it relates to Christianity, how to display it, how to accept it, etc.

In short here’s what I’ve learned thus far about LOVE.

“…you will never know how to love and be in true relationship until you’ve learned how to love and be in true relationship with Me. You are my representative upon the earth to ALL people. My love is genuine and pure, 1 Corinthians 13. This is what I require of those who say they LOVE Me. I AM LOVE! I cannot be fooled and I won’t allow you to continue to be misguided. It’s time for you to come up higher in who I have designed you to be.”

“I’m ALWAYS looking out for you. In the mist of every failure, disappointment, and heartbreak just know that I’ve never left your side. I will continue to be your peace, your refuge, your calm in every storm you encounter. It’s okay to have questions. It’s okay to inquire about the events of your life. I’m a loving God who feels every pain you’ve felt and have yet to feel. My LOVE for you is simple, it’s people how tend to make it hard.”