Many of my social media posts are results of things that I’m seeking God for answers to. For the last few months I’ve been getting a crash course in LOVE…what it means, how it looks as it relates to Christianity, how to display it, how to accept it, etc.

In short here’s what I’ve learned thus far about LOVE.

“…you will never know how to love and be in true relationship until you’ve learned how to love and be in true relationship with Me. You are my representative upon the earth to ALL people. My love is genuine and pure, 1 Corinthians 13. This is what I require of those who say they LOVE Me. I AM LOVE! I cannot be fooled and I won’t allow you to continue to be misguided. It’s time for you to come up higher in who I have designed you to be.”

“I’m ALWAYS looking out for you. In the mist of every failure, disappointment, and heartbreak just know that I’ve never left your side. I will continue to be your peace, your refuge, your calm in every storm you encounter. It’s okay to have questions. It’s okay to inquire about the events of your life. I’m a loving God who feels every pain you’ve felt and have yet to feel. My LOVE for you is simple, it’s people how tend to make it hard.”


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