Become What You Want to See…

“I Love The Lady I’ve Become! Took me going thru A LOT BUT MAN!!! I FEEL GREAT NOW…”


I absolutely love these pictures of Fantasia and more so what she has to say about herself now.

Ladies, I believe with all my heart that this is the key to LIFE and ALL that it entails for you. Become the woman you want to see both inside and out…EVERYTHING else will fall into place. It matters not your age, social status, income level, etc. God cares nothing about that. He is looking for willing vessels who are ready to put in the work.

Since last year this time a lady had been telling me “work on you.” I’m an intelligent girl but it took me a while to get IT. There are just some things your cognitive self can’t comprehend. But when I finally got IT, it was full speed ahead.

Sure I still have my moments, nothing or no one will ever be perfect, but I am thoroughly convinced that God has saved me for such a time as this and the labor was never in vain. That revelation was right on time.

What I Know For Sure~The “struggle” is real but we are more than conquerors through #FAITH


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