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When Vulnerability Leads to Strength and Wholeness

The above message is a Facebook post from #onthisday 2010. This was the beginning of a woman learning to be vulnerable. She didn’t know it then but reading this five years later, she realizes it as such. These are tools that have helped her gain strength in her time of pain and brokenness.

CAREFULLY, putting things out there gave her a sense of relief. She was no longer obligated to live the lie that she was alright and had it altogether. NONE of us do! Never have and never will! One of life’s greatest lessons is learning that we’re always a work in progress. #whatsheknowsforsure

It also started her on a path of discovering her REAL self, “she.” The she according to Him. The she that understands that she does not control everything. She does not have to be who others think she should be. She can be her authentic self and allow the world to come along for the ride, if they choose to do so.

On that ride they’ll find a woman free from pride, arrogance, strife, envy, and the like. She is full of love, grace, peace, joy, wisdom, passion, and adventure. She is humble. She no longer struggles to fit in where she does not fit. She is no longer a people pleaser. She welcomes, seeks, and adheres to wise counsel because she knows that help will always be needed. She gives love unconditionally and has learned to receive it as well.

She is by no means perfect. Like others, she still experiences hurt, pain, sorrow, disappointment, loneliness, etc but she knows that the One who has carried her this far, will continue to do so. So she casts her care upon Him.

She understands that who she has become (is becoming) must be attended to carefully by being in His presence daily, praying often, and practicing what she learns. She believes that these words from Jeremiah 29 (MSG) are truly coming to pass in her life…

“I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

And most importantly, she recognizes that none of this is of her own doing. It is ONLY through Him and by His grace, mercy, faithfulness, and unconditional love that she is now experiencing life from a place of strength and wholeness. And for that, she is eternally grateful!

Please know that if you’re facing painful circumstances there is hope. And sometimes becoming vulnerable will lead you to that hope. Begin with prayer. Asking what vulnerability looks like in your situation. It may not look like hers or anyone else’s.

She wishes you all the best in this coming year and beyond. Thanks for stopping by…blessings! 💙😃🙏🌈 ☔🎁🎄

Why Pain and Healing…

It’s not to make you miserable or to make your life seem as if it’s unbearable.

It’s not to put you to shame or to even make you feel like you want to. die.

It’s to build character, resilience, and courage.

It’s to build your faith come what may.

It’s to help you stand flat foot in the face of fear and declare “I SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE.”

 It’s to allow you to be a living witness that others can make it through trails.

It’s to honor and glorify the God who got you through it all.

It’s to help you come to know and serve the God who’s greater than anything.

It’s to make your praise and worship as natural as each breath you take.

It’s to get you to your place of destiny and purpose, realizing that it was ALL worth it.


 I wrote this to myself during a very difficult time in my life. A time when I didn’t know how or if I would survive. All I knew is that I wanted to live.

Well, its about four years later and guess what. I SURVIVED! Not only did I survive but EVERY positive thing written above, by the grace of God, I have gained. It amazes every time I think about it.

So if you’re facing difficulties, allow these words to bring comfort and peace. And rest assured that if you keep moving forward there’s victory on the other side.

Thanks for stopping by…blessings! 💙👍😃🙏

Guide Me…


Guide my eyes so that I may see the beauty in all that You’ve created.

Guide my tongue so that I may speak only life and blessings over my life as well as others.

Guide my feet so that I may continue to walk boldly into my prepared destiny.
Guide my mind so that I may remain fervent and focused on the tasks You’ve set before me.

Guide my hands so that everything I touch You have called blessed.

Guide my life so that I’m a continuous representation of the LOVE, GRACE, & MERCY You’ve shown to me. 

“…breathtakingly beautiful.”

In my quest to revive my writing skills, I have committed to a writing boot camp that requires that I write one blog entry a day for 30 days. Well, today has come and gone and I haven’t written a thing.

Because it’s Christmas I thought about using that as an excuse not to post and give myself a pass. Lame excuse right? Sure it is. There’s no rule that says I can’t write on a holiday. Writers are writers 24/7. And a commitment is a commitment.

It’s after image2 A.M. very early in the morning (or late if you haven’t been long getting in like me) and I haven’t a clue what to write.

I could continue with the spirit of the holiday season and write something about Santa, mistletoe 😃, or this unseasonably warm weather we’re having, but I won’t.

I’ll just share something I ran across while winding down this evening.It’s a beautiful writing about life. It’s posted on a friend’s page. A friend who I’ve been familiar with for quite a few years. One who is an excellent motivator and teacher.

As I read this my heart became full. There was sort of an awaking in my soul. Then I thought “that’s it, that’s how we should experience life!” From amazing to ordinary and everything in between, life is breathtakingly beautiful!

Thanks, LR Knost for writing this. And thanks to my friend for sharing it with his readers. You, sir, continue to be an extraordinary inspiration to many. 😄

The World’s Greatest Joy…

It’s easy to profess Christianity but difficult to endure. Many things can derail us. They will gradually, yet very quickly, move us away. When such situations arise, we should only consider Jesus. Fully, consider Him!


In ALL that He is, was, and shall ever be, consider Him! In ALL that He’s done in our lives since, and even before, our confession, consider Him! In ALL that we’ve gone and lived through, consider Him! When looking for the Strength, the Reason, the Courage to endure, only consider Jesus!


The above is something I wrote a few weeks ago. It was inspired by one of my pastor’s sermons. I thought it would be great to share as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Back where it all began. The beginning of a life that would change the fate of humanity.

The world’s greatest Joy!

So when you’re having times of fear, doubt, hopelessness, or despair, let the words above remind you to only “Consider Jesus!”

Merry Christmas and God bless! ❤🙏😄🎄🎁