Prepare for your fast

The Daniel Fast

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjimin Franklin

My number one purpose in teaching about the Daniel Fast is to guide people into a successful fasting experience. The blessings, insights, and revelations you gain during your time of extended prayer and fasting can be life-changing. I am often moved to tears when I read letters from women and men telling me about the miracles and blessings they’ve experienced on the fast.

My heart sinks when I hear from people who have abandoned the fast and feel like they’ve failed themselves and failed God. And without any doubt, the primary reason for breaking the fast is because they didn’t prepare. Instead, so many people just jump in and try to go for it. It’s like never training for a marathon and starting the race anyway!

Preparing for your fast is part of the fast. When you prepare you’re…

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