Thanks to Facebook’s #onthisday feature, we are able to read and see things we’ve posted in the past. I love it! It allows me to reflect and see how much I’ve grown and need to grow.

Here’s one from December 17, 2010. I thought about changing it but decided to leave it in its original form. If you’ve participated in Facebook for a while, you know that there was a time when writing space was limited. Much like the 140 character Twitter limit. To change it would take away from the authenticity of the message…IMO. Which means nothing to those who don’t remember it or who’ve never read it.

#onthisday 12/17/10 “Training urself 2 live in the present-without regretting the past/fearing the future-is a recipe 4 a happy life!”*JL Huie*This is what I was trying 2 tell some1 when asked “how’d u get over depression?” Other things used, i.e. counseling, meds, Word of God/Holy Spirit. Remember*Enjoy the Present, it’s a Gift! Happy Friday FB FAM, PEACE!

My current recipe for a happy life 12/17/15, I no longer battle with depression as it is medically defined. I do however have a tendency to want to slip into moments of regret and petty parties. Which will lead to depression if left unchecked. Depression is a word that’s used very loosely. Many seem to equate it with having a bad day. And not to make light of any negative emotions, because I’m sure I’ve felt them all, but being depressed in the medical sense is far worse than just having a bad day. I too, was guilty of misusing that word but after being properly diagnosed, taking meds, and receiving therapy, I have a much greater understanding.

I don’t ever plan to return to the state of mind that led to my depression. So when those bad days (moments of fear, anger, anxiety, regret, loneliness, etc) come about, I’ve learn to deal with it head on. First thing is to feel the feeling. Take inventory of where it’s coming from. More often than not it starts with a thought. One that’s contrary to what I believe to be true about me and my life now. One that I’ve allowed to linger in my head much too long. These things have to be dealt with immediately. That’s if you are serious about maintaining your peace and good mental (as well as physical) health. And if you’re at all familiar with me you know I don’t play around when it comes to maintaining my peace. It’s right up there with my salvation.

After figuring out why these thoughts are present. And yes, this is very important because there’s ALWAYS a WHY! I begin to think on things that are contrary to the bad thoughts. I write. I listen to music. I sing. I read. I may call or text someone who I can be honest with, without the fear of judgement or shame. And most importantly, I talk to God! His views of me and plans for me trumps all. And He has given me (us) the power to overcome. The bad thoughts and feelings will come but they don’t have to stay.

So the next time you’re having a bad day, take the steps I’ve shared with you. And please know it’s never a one time deal. As long as we live and have a functioning brain, there will always be the fight between good and bad thoughts in our heads. Learning and applying appropriate coping mechanisms is the key.

Blessings and great health to you all! Thanks for stopping by! β˜ΊπŸ’œπŸŽ‰πŸŽ„


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