Tomorrow will come whether we’re ready or not.


It is my prayer, while on the journey of discovering the truth of who we are and why we are here, that this thought continues to be at the forefront of our minds. Especially during times when we find it hard to stay focused on what’s really important. I don’t know about you, but staying focused has become somewhat of a challenge for me. Maybe it’s a part of getting older. Over the last few years, I’ve set out to reach certain goals only to stop and have to start over again and again. Some of the hindrances were of my own doing and some of them were not. Nevertheless, a setback is a setback! And my desire to achieve these goals and live in the results of them haven’t gone away.

After a setback of any kind, I’m usually very hard on myself. So harsh and critical until if it were to manifest physically, it would resemble being lashed with a whip. So just imagine the spiritual and emotional lashings I’ve given myself. Yeah, I know! Pretty brutal, huh? The struggle of dealing with self is real but I’m working on it.

The best thing I’ve learned to do is to extend myself a little grace. The same grace I extend to others. The same grace God extends to us all. And during this grace period, I stay clear of excuses. They are still good for nothing!

Instead, I ask myself the hard questions: Why did you quit? Do you really want it as bad as you say (or think) you want it? Are you willing to utilize all your resources? Did you give it your all? Do you want tomorrow to come and you still haven’t made any progress? What are you willing to do differently this time? Are you capable of achieving this goal? Are you being unreasonable? Can this become your reality?


And then, I actually take the time to answer these questions. I’ve found this to be a very important step. Could be that some of my goals don’t mean as much to me as I thought. So it’s definitely worth the time to investigate.

Although I’m one who has a very vivid imagination, I am also balanced, realistic, and reasonable. I haven’t found any of my goals (dreams, desires) to be not worth pursuing. However, I have concluded that I must always have a plan. And that plan must include steps to take when I feel that I’m losing momentum, becoming complacent, or losing focus. It reminds me of a saying a ran across some months ago, “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it!” It has become a mantra of mine.

I believe that we’ve already been equipped to do everything we were created to do aka live out the truth of who we are. This is why the desires for certain goals are cemented in our beings. But they won’t just happen. We have put in the work! It may require taking a few classes, reading some books, finding a mentor, giving up certain foods, habits, and activities, etc. I’ve decided that I’m okay with doing whatever I have to do. I will remain diligent and determined.

I refuse to let tomorrow catch me regretting what I didn’t do today.


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