Why Pain and Healing…

It’s not to make you miserable or to make your life seem as if it’s unbearable.

It’s not to put you to shame or to even make you feel like you want to. die.

It’s to build character, resilience, and courage.

It’s to build your faith come what may.

It’s to help you stand flat foot in the face of fear and declare “I SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE.”

 It’s to allow you to be a living witness that others can make it through trails.

It’s to honor and glorify the God who got you through it all.

It’s to help you come to know and serve the God who’s greater than anything.

It’s to make your praise and worship as natural as each breath you take.

It’s to get you to your place of destiny and purpose, realizing that it was ALL worth it.


 I wrote this to myself during a very difficult time in my life. A time when I didn’t know how or if I would survive. All I knew is that I wanted to live.

Well, its about four years later and guess what. I SURVIVED! Not only did I survive but EVERY positive thing written above, by the grace of God, I have gained. It amazes every time I think about it.

So if you’re facing difficulties, allow these words to bring comfort and peace. And rest assured that if you keep moving forward there’s victory on the other side.

Thanks for stopping by…blessings! 💙👍😃🙏


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