In the bible, the number eight represents a new beginning. This is the eighth year 8and eighth month of my transformation, my heart circumcision, this is my NEW BEGINNING! A number of things, both good and bad, have happened during this time. But they were all for the purpose of me gaining the heart of God and displaying godly character; for my good and His glory.

Not only am I a new creation in Christ, but many things in my life are becoming brand new; the restoration of some old relationships as well as the formation of new ones. Also, the manifestation of some things that I’ve been praying about and believing for for many many years.

Over the last two or three months God has been showing me how things will begin to manifest. Like many things in my life, they’ll come when I least expect them. My most recent lesson occurred one day last week. A prayer was answered within hours of asking. In this same situation, the Holy Spirit also reinforced the importance of my obedience.

A Black Woman Getting So Frustrated And Angry At Something

After praying earlier that morning, I was still a bit frustrated about some things, but soon I realized I just needed to reposition myself spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. First of all, I got out of my feelings and began to get my  misguided emotions in check. I had to become conscience of my words and thoughts and even the look on my face. Frowning and looking like I had eaten lemons for breakfast was not a good look.

I then felt I should rearrange my living space. I’m not really sure how or why but this helped me to get back to my place of joy and confidence in Christ; my place of contentment.

In order to remain in that space, I had to accept the fact that there was nothing I could do to change the things that were frustrating me and disrupting my life; however, I could change my feelings about them as well as my responses. And when I did, a few hours later, one of the things I’d prayed about and left at His feet) was answered a few hours later.

It literally left me speechless for a few minutes. I had to process it in my mind before words would actually come from my mouth. I sat in awe thinking, “Wait a minute God, didn’t I just talk to You about this this morning?!” The lady who was talking to me must have thought I was deaf and mute.amazing-word She repeated herself and gave me a look that said, “Did you hear me?” I was hesitant to respond because I had to gather my thoughts so that I could respond.

The word amazing is often thrown around but this is the kind of thing that is truly AMAZING to me. When a person shows up, knows nothing about me, but is used by God to show me that He hears me when I pray and is indeed faithful to answer my prayers.

1John5.14-15It was one of my favorite scriptures being played out in real life. 1John 5:14-15 (MSG) Not only do I pray this scripture every morning, I’ve also hidden it deep within my heart. I meditate on it throughout my day; especially when doubt and fear try to arise. I think this scripture is perfect for those of us who have fought being timid and afraid of many things, even being afraid to pray. The best advice I can give on that is, LEARN TO BE BOLD IN CHRIST! YOU HAVE HIS PERMISSION!!!

LESSON~No matter how long it takes, what I have to go through, and most importantly, what it looks like, I will continue in prayer, faith, and obedience. I will confess according to God’s word and His truth for my life, knowing that He does hear and in His timing, will answer my prayers.

From my perspective, my growth so far has been slow but #whatIvelearnedforsure God is intentional; His timing is perfect!  He knows exactly what I need and when it needs to arrive. I needed to see a manifestation of His faithfulness, up close and personal, on that day, and in a very short time span.

Things like this also make me appreciate being peculiar and “different.” Truth is, God doesn’t deal with everyone in the same way. I don’t know why, He just doesn’t. He does what pleases Him. But for those of us who are chosen to walk a different path, once we accept that path, responsibility and accountability are required. It must be protected, cherished and respected; not misused and neglected.

freedomENCOURAGEMENT 101~If you are struggling with accepting your life according to God’s plan for you, ask Him to help you release any fears and anxieties. You can slowly but surely learn to embrace your truth and not worry about what’s being said about you or done to you. Life became much more livable for me once I began to live free. I stopped trying to defend and explain something that I honestly don’t understand myself and just live it. It’s guaranteed that I don’t have to live it alone. Beides, God can show people much better than I could ever time them. You too, can enjoy this same freedom.

As always thanks for stopping by. May His love and peace reign abundantly in your life.




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