From what I have learned via the internet, this quote originated from the author, R. S. Grey. I don’t She-believed-she-could-so-she-didMknow much about her or her work but her quote grabbed me the moment I read it. So much so, that I’ve posted it several times, on various social media sites. I’ve used it as my cover and profile pictures a few times. And, I also have it posted around my home, in various colors and graphics.  

It’s a constant reminder, whatever dreams and visions God has given me, whatever goals I’ve set for myself, I must, first of all, believe that I can  achieve them. I’ve had more “setbacks” than I care to admit or remember at times, but no matter how many times I fall, I’m determined to get back up. I must brush myself off and keep it moving.  
Life is about learning lessons. And lessons rarely come by way of good situations. Not the life-changing lessons anyway. The lessons that make you so mad that you decide to get off your butt and do some things differently. 

Through trials and errors, I’ve developed a strategy for “getting bpause buttonack up.” I take the time to relish in the fall.  

Wait! What? Relish?

Simmer down! Let me explain.

Not relish in as if I’m delighted to have fallen. But relish in the fact that I have gained enough wisdom and life experiences to know that I need to pause a bit, and perform a self-check. Take it all in and really learn what the fall is about, especially if it’s something that I’ve fallen from a few times prior.

I then take the time to ponder what lessons need to be learned. Here’s the step many of us miss and/or choose to skip. So, let’s say that again. SLOWLY! TAKE. THE. TIME. TO. LEARN. THE. LESSONS!

Now, I can get up, brush myself off, and BEGIN APPLYING THE LESSONS TO MY LIFE! See, here’s something else we don’t do, well, not long enough anyway.

I know root wordwe all remember our sixth-grade grammar class. In that class, we learned that the suffix “-ing” means continuous or progressive. One definition of the root word “apply” is – to cause (force, pressure, etc.), to have an effect, or to be felt. Very befitting.

By adding “-ing”, we now have the word “applying” -to cause (force, pressure, etc.), to have an effect, or to be felt continuously or progressively.

In order to retain the lessons, to ensure that fewer falls will occur, and most of all, that the thing(s) I’m believing and working for will come to pass, it’s mandatory that I apply pressure, force, etc. continuously. I must progressively move towards my goals. This “applying” must have a positive effect on me, my goals, and all that is associated with them.  And it has to be FELT!  Can you just feel the force behiApplying Tipsnd that sentence? I sure can!

Yes, I am sure this is something that many of us already know, especially the grammar lesson, but knowing is not doing. And I think it preposterous to have a wealth of knowledge stored away in our brains and not use it. I mean really use it, continuously, progressively, until the desired goals are achieved.

This is definitely a post where I am talking to and encouraging myself as I hopefully do the same for my beloved readers. At the tender age of 47, I am still learning this. I beat myself up at least four times a year over things that I should have completed years ago. But I am done with that lifestyle. I have recruited some of my closest, and very honest, friends to hold me accountable. I also have to be accountable to myself. And because I am a woman who lives for her relationship with God, I rely on Him, first and foremost. He definitely holds me accountable. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I am sure many of you know this stuff already, but it’s always good to be reminded. It has been a joy sharing my new found action plan with you. I pray that every dream and vision God has ever given you comes to pass. Just be mindful that it can only happen if we fully participate. God is the Helper! He can only do His part if we continuously and progressively do ours. Now say this with me, I BELIEVE I CAN, AND I WILL!!! 



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